Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-3

Like with the New 52 ending soon after Convergence, the Ultimate Universe will be ending in May after “Ultimate End.” So let’s review one of the most important Ultimate Marvel characters; Ultimate Spider-Man. After Peter Parker’s death in “Death of Spider-Man” he was replaced by a new Spider-Man in a black costume. His name is Darius Pleasant, I mean Miles Morales.

Issue #1 begins with Norman Osborn in his laboratory, talking to someone named Doctor Markus about spiders. He’s talking about reverse-calculating the blood of Peter Parker to create the formula for another super spider. Later at night we see someone who looks like Deadpool, but in a white and black costume wearing Sam Fisher’s goggles, break into Osborn’s lab. He steals a bunch of money and valuables and puts them in his bag and the super spider crawls in the bag. Eleven months later, we see Darius and his parents at a lottery to get into Brooklyn Visions Academy, which of course he wins.

Darius then goes to see his uncle Snoop, I mean Aaron, who has the bag from earlier on his couch. The super spider crawls out of the bag and bites Darius on his hand, making him have a seizure. When he finally comes to, Darius’s father (HA) has shown up to Snoop’s house. He gets really angry at Snoop, revealing some rap beef they used to have. During their argument they realize Darius has run off. When Darius’s father goes out to find Darius, he can’t find him because he has turned transparent, which ends the issue.

Hmm, it’s not even night and I can’t see him

Issue #2 begins with Darius running really fast away to hide. He is then accosted by some white boy in a Punisher beanie. When Darius goes to push him, he ends up stunning him somehow. Darius runs away to go see his friend Ganke, who is wearing an awesome Frog Man shirt. He reveals his stunning power to Ganke, who says he is a mutant and should go fight crime. Darius doesn’t want to be a mutant, he just wants to be normal and boring. Darius’s father comes in and takes Darius out to the park.

Darius and his father have a really touching moment when Darius’s father reveals that he and Snoop used to be criminals, but he quit when he got older and met Darius’s mother and had a kid. Snoop however, never quit, and is still a crook to this day. With this great scene over, we see Darius at home texting Ganke. Ganke reveals that Darius is showing signs of spider powers, and that Spider-Man also got his powers from being bit by a spider. Darius then learns his true identity; he is not a mutant, he is Spider-Man, ending the issue.

So does Captain America get paid for having his logo on that blanket?

Issue #3 begins with Darius being visited by Ganke. Ganke convinces Darius to go back to Snoop’s house to learn more about the spider. When they get to Snoop’s apartment however, the entire place has been cleaned out. As the two are walking down the street discussing Darius’s powers, they see a fire. Darius decides this is his time to help and rescues a woman and a little girl from the fire, before running away. Darius decides he doesn’t actually want to be a hero and goes back to Brooklyn Visions Academy with Ganke the next day. They are joined by a kid named Judge, who looks like Play from Kid ‘N Play. Later that night, everyone is woken up for an emergency superpower related incident. The issue ends with the news that Spider-Man has been shot.

What a pretty good start for a comic series. Miles hasn’t even put on a costume yet, and we already know so much about him. His supporting cast is pretty strong, too. Hopefully the next few issues can keep up this momentum. And if you are reading this Darius, I am very sorry.


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