Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1-3

Nice little Smallville reference

This comic is basically a bridge. A bridge between Final Crisis, the last DC Crisis, and Flashpoint, the wannabe Crisis. After Batman was shot by Darkseid’s Omega Beam in the climax of Final Crisis he was seemingly killed. Because DC can’t kill off one of their biggest characters, they revealed he was not actually killed, but instead sent back in time. In comes Time Masters: Vanishing Point, in which Rip Hunter gathers a group to go find Bruce Wayne. Being written and drawn by Dan Jurgens, Booster Gold and Superman must come along, with special guest Hal Jordan.

Issue #1, like all issues of this mini-series, begins with Rip Hunter flashing back (Is it actually a flashback if he’s thinking about things in the future?) to when he was a kid and him and his dad, Booster Gold, would travel through time. These are the highlights of the comic, where we see Rip’s upbringing and why he takes his job as Time Master so seriously. We see Supernova, Booster’s ancestor, travelling at the end of time when he notices that the Vanishing Point has been destroyed. Back in the present, Despero and Degaton, two members of the Time Stealers, are in Rip’s lab and are preparing to destroy his time pad. They are fought off by Goldstar, Booster’s sister, and the sudden appearance of Supernova.

It only goes downhill from there

Back to our main characters, Rip Hunter is trying to establish a time beacon when chronal feedback hits them teleporting them random places, ending the issue. Issue #2 begins with Rip and Skeets ending up somewhere where they battle against Claw, a barbarian. They fight until Rip convinces Claw he is not an ally of Claw’s enemy, Serhatuu, an evil wizard. The other heroes are battling against some brown monsters flying on spaceships. It is in this scene where Time Masters: Vanishing Point’s biggest problem appears: Hal Jordan. Hal acts like an absolute jerk to Booster Gold for no reason, taking every chance he can to call him out, when Hal doesn’t exactly have the cleanest superhero record.

Serhatuu, pretty cool looking villain

While fighting against the brown monsters,called Mygorg, Booster jumps in front of a laser blast shot at Hal, sending Booster flying away. He lands next to a woman named Starfire (Not that one) who shares some funny dialogue with Booster. Going back to Rip and Claw they are walking around what I believe is a moat outside of Serhatuu’s castle. They are grabbed from below by a tentacled creature and brought into Serhatuu’s domain. The issue ends with Booster and Starfire looking at a blond sorceress riding on a green dragon, holding Superman and Hal in its hands.

Issue #3 begins with Serhatuu revealing that he is reading through Rip’s memories and his pool reveals the place where Booster, Superman, and Hal are. Booster rescues Hal and Superman from the dragon’s grip and Starfire reveals the blond sorceress is named Skyle and she works for Serhatuu. After an extended fight sequence, the tentacle creature grabs onto the rest of the heroes and drags them into a pool of water. Back at Vanishing Point, the Time Stealers, now aided by Ultra-Humanite and the Black Beetle, find a cell hidden underneath a rock. Inside the cell are a man and a woman, who are apparently the Linear Men, who were locked away years ago by Rip Hunter, which ends the issue.

Other Notes-

Green Lantern Constructs: A hoverboard for Rip to fly with, an iron looking shield, a mace, a dragon, a giant hammer, a laser gun, some chains, and a drill. These were some of the more creative ones I’ve seen so far from Hal.


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