All-New Ghost Rider #1-3

“All-New Ghost Rider” because “Slightly-Different Ghost Rider” isn’t exactly marketable (That’s not exactly fair to the series, but I’ve got to throw some jokes in here.) This series premiered last year in March as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! and it’s written by Felipe Smith and drawn by Tradd Moore. The writing on this book is uh, interesting, and by that I mean half the dialogue is censored. This makes certain statements such as ” I’ll tear you heart out your <Censored>” seem even dirtier than they actually are. The art though is very cartoony and just outright hilarious at times, which clashes with the situations in the book.

You see before you a man on fire, a man looking for any excuse to burn brighter.

The story begins with Robbie Reyes, our Latino protagonist, working on a black Dodge Charger at an auto shop. Outside, his disabled brother is being mugged for his wheelchair by Guero, a kid so weird looking I refuse to call him a human. So Robbie starts to beat up Guero the Fish, and he must be a car because what appears to be sparks seem to fly every time he punches. Guero pulls a gun on Robbie and knocks him out. Robbie carries his brother back home, and later that night sneaks back into the auto shop to steal the Charger.Robbie takes the car and enters a street race for a cash prize so he and Gabe can get out of town, (it says they’re in California, but I would believe it if you told me he was in Detroit or Compton.)

Robbie is winning the race until he notices he is chased by people that he thinks are cops. The “cops” chase Robbie into an alley and visions of himself in jail and Gabe alone, spur Robbie to get out of the car and surrender. Turns out these men were looking for some pink pills in the car and were not cops, and they prove this by shooting Robbie to death. The men steal the pills and light Robbie and the car ablaze. The fires absorb into Robbie’s skin and he becomes the Ghost Rider, with the Charger being his ride.

Ghost Rider chases after the men that killed him and they fire a rocket back at him. The car manages to survive the explosion and bisects their Humvee. Robbie returns home to sleep and the surviving mercenaries go report to their boss, Calvin Zabo, or Mister Hyde. Zabo reveals that the pink pills are the same kind that transform him into Mister Hyde. Zabo notices a missing dufflebag of pink pills and tells the rest of his crew to get it back. Robbie wakes up the next morning, believing it was all a nightmare, and notices his eye has changed into a bright orange color.

I guess explosions make him pop a boner

Robbie goes to school and in class (which looks like a stereotypical Remedial English room) the students are given a substitute teacher, a nerdy, white guy who was earlier robbed by Guero. Robbie goes back to the Charger in the night and notices two of Grumpy’s, the man who owns the Charger and a member of Zabo’s gang, trying to steal it. In a great fight scene, Ghost Rider beats the two up and goes to a junk site. He transforms back to Robbie and looks into his car and sees the Ghost Rider. He asks him what he is and the spirit asks “What are we?”

There’s no way he lived

The spirit reveals himself to be Eli Morrow, a human spirit that was also killed by gang members, so Robbie and Eli team up and just kinda go back home. The next day Robbie goes back to work to notice his boss shot and the Charger missing. Robbie becomes Ghost Rider and show off their power to teleport through shadows into the car. Inside the car is Grumpy and his crew, who were attacked by Zabo’s mercenaries, which led to Grumpy eating the pink pills after he was shot. Ghost Rider pulls the two thugs out of the car and beats them up in an awesome way. Grumpy bursts out of the car as a monster which ends the issue.


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